Small but very important

This post won’t be long because it’s 5am and I’m just awake & still tired. I saw my therapist yesterday and we talked about how I’ve been way above and below my window of tolerance in huge spikes lately. She congratulated me on how I’ve been handling the panic and the dissociative episodes; I don’t need help anymore and am often able to snap out them in a little more than a minute and then go back to what I was doing before they started.

But my main symptoms that are out of control have been extreme jitters, talking to myself non-stop and worry. Of course, there are reasons why these things are happening. My husband and I decided to file for divorce, we haven’t told our kids and I’ve been sleeping on the couch since January and will continue to do so until next January when I finally move out and into my own place.

Anyway, my therapist gave me some good advice and my homework this week is to put it into practice. I’m supposed to be more physical with my environment; stomping on the floor, walking, moving my arms and legs in a busy way. I need to utilize my calm place and my safe space every day. And I need to stay on top of it because right now my window of tolerance is super important and it’s gotten very small.